RevenuTrade 50% Bonus On First Deposit


Source – Get 50% Bonus On First Deposit

    Deposit Bonus –

  • 100USD to 500USD 30% Bonus
  • 500USD to 1000USD 40% Bonus
  • more than 1000USD 50% Bonus

How to Participate:

When clients makes an initial deposit, deposit bonus will be rewarded. The bonus rewarded will be based on the actual amount received in the client’s MT4 account. During a 3 month period from your deposit date, if 20% trading volumes are reached, the bonus can be turned to withdraw able cash. Before completion of volume bonus will be available for tradable cash only.


Deposit Amount: $1,000; Bonus Rewarded: $500; Required lots of Bonus: 100 lot


Bonus: $1,000*50% = $500
Required traded volume: $500*20%=100 lots
Once 100 lots are completed, $500 Cash will be rewarded.

Bonus Calculation Period:

90 days from your date of deposit.

Orders that are not counted for bonus:

Hedging orders(1 buy and 1 sell) will be considered only 1 orders, not 2 orders.

At the time you make a deposit for obtaining the 50% bonus, if there are subsequent deposits made after this deposit or there is balance in the account already, required trading volume for obtaining the bonus shall be calculated on the pro-rated basis in accordance with the equity or deposit amount in the account.The Bonus would be disqualified if:

  • The account net deposit drops below the original initial deposit used for the bonus promotion.
  • During the calculation of the bonus, the account balance falls below $50.
  • Fraud is involved.

This promotion is not available for all types of accounts.
This promotion is not available for IB’s and IB’s clients.
This promotion is not valid for intra-account transfer.
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion(s) of Revenutrade.
Revenutrade reserves the right of final interpretation for the 50% bonus in this promotion.


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