Christmas Fairy Tale Promo – FORT Finance


Link – Christmas Fairy Tale Promo

All trading accounts with the balance of above 100 USD (or equivalent) take part in this unique promotion. No matter how long ago you deposited to your account the only thing that matters is the bonus that you will get on your trading account for every 10th lot closed. You can withdraw your bonus or use it for further trading on your account. The higher the account balance you have at the moment of trades’ closure the higher the amount of bonus you get.

The bonus is calculated as following:

Standard accounts
(U.S. dollars or equivalent)
Cent accounts
(U.S. cents or equivalent)
Account balance Bonus for every 10 closed lots Account balance Bonus for every 10 closed lots
From 100 to 250 2 From 10000 to 25000 2
From 250 to 500 5 From 25000 to 50000 5
From 500 to 750 7 From 50000 to 75000 7
From 750 to 1000 10 From 75000 to 100000 10
From 1000 to 1500 12 From 100000 to 150000 12
Over 1500 15 Over 150000 15


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