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$50 Trial No Deposit Bonus – Klas Forex

If you open a forex account with a $ 50 gift without having to deposit it in the class FX, and you raise your balance above $ 200, you can withdraw it.

Link – $50 No Deposit Bonus

• This campaign applies only to real accounts which will be opened in Class FX.

• Your 50 $ Trial Bonus will be installed after your required documents are completed in full and your Class FX account has been opened.

• You can withdraw your existing voucher if you will open it in Classic FX and make the $ 50 trial bonus to be loaded into the actual account using up to 1: 200 leverage and trading at least 5 lots for $ 200 or more.

• The minimum balance that can be withdrawn as a result of this promotion is $ 200 and the maximum balance that can be withdrawn is $ 300.

• To be eligible for the promotion and claim between $ 200 and $ 300, the transactions must be credited within the first week (5 business days) from the time the account is opened and the $ 50 Trial Bonus is defined. The end of 5 business days is calculated based on the 24 hour cycle as the 50 $ Trial Bonus is defined for the account.

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